Data has always been one of the most valued assets in businesses. Knowing how to derive value out of it and protect it from data loss is always on the minds. With the exponential growth of data (structured and unstructured) within the enterprises, it has become an increasing challenge to manage it – whether it is to know what sort of information is currently residing in the organization, the long term storage or archival complications, or simply ensuring data is not leaked to other competitors.

Our IT experts have years of experience helping companies like yours plan an IT infrastructure, implement new technologies, and enhance systems administration. With our IT consulting solutions, you can increase the efficiency and resiliency of your entire infrastructure – all while reducing the money you spend on powering and maintaining outdated machines.

When you work with AITC, you can:

  • Achieve your business goals by leveraging existing hardware alongside new technologies.

  • Benefit from our years of experience working with major technology vendors.

  • Tap into our familiarity with hardware resource requirements for major software and database applications..

  • Avoid sales pressure by working with consultants who are genuinely interested in your business results.




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Office 22, Building 147, Road 403 Block 604, Sitra,

Kingdom of Bahrain

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